Ascended Mogul – Become the Alpha Entrepreneur Subliminal

Become a successful entrepreneur mind programming

Wealth Building and Entrepreneurial Success Training Subliminal Program. Subliminal message audio program designed to develop you into a successful entrepreneur and attract wealth and abundance to your life.

Ascended Mogul is a new generation subliminal audio program designed to help you in your pursuits of successful or pushing you to the next level..

This subliminal program consists of over 80 individual modules, each tied in some form or fashion to training you in its namesake goal — an Ascended Mogul. Being a combination of  two major subliminals, Ascension and Mogul, this program is a heavy hitter. I definitely recommend running this program long term, for the majority of your wealth building. The benefits of this subliminal audio is tremendous. Within two weeks of using this sub daily, I started seeing commissions in various affiliate programs I’m a part of, which had been at zero for the past couple years. I also got a 20% increase in income at work, and my investments started seeing some profits.

With the technology of subliminal audio programs increasing every month, it is now very feasible to program yourself into becoming an alpha male entrepreneur. This particular program has the entire modules dedicated to success and Motivation. There are also tons of other modules in this program, but I won’t go in too much detail explaining them. You can go visit the sales page for full details on the program.

This program literally pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to achieve greatness, as all alpha male entrepreneurs will tell you is a requirement for success. It will manifest situations that will test your status, as well as force you to make difficult decisions to protect your assets. Although does all of that in a painless and seamless way, and you’ll only realize the tests/challenges after you’ve overcome them.

Become a successful entrepreneur mind programming

Each modules of this program carefully builds upon the previous modules and nudges you into becoming a successful entrepreneur. The first couple  are foundation building stages.

Any fear of success or fear of failure will be dealt with primarily during this part of the program. If you have resentment towards money or success, this is when the bulk of it will be chipped away. It will also deal with any other blocks that would otherwise hold you back from achieving the goals of the program. The middle stages are character development stages during which you will be trained on charisma and authoritativeness. This is when the rubber will meet the road as far as business minded thinking. Decision making skills will also be refined in this time. The final stages solidify the first few stages, as well as add focus on obtaining new opportunities, team building, communication skills, and leadership skills.

If you have any deep seated resentments or blocks to achieving the goals of the program, Ascended Mogul actually has modules in it at each and every stage to neutralize these blocks. Understanding that each Ascension and Mogul individually as a standalone product has the same price point as Ascended Mogul, you will see that purchasing Ascended Mogul far exceeds the value you get for the purchase price considering the sheer amount of modules contained within it. With Success, Motivation, Fear Destruction, Opportunity Manifestations, Productivity, Sales Skills, and countless other modules, the price point is actually a steal for a subliminal audio program of this caliber.

If you already have a business and are looking at ways to optimize your efficiency, you should seriously consider buying this subliminal. It will help you fill in the holes you may have. If you’re brand new to entrepreneurship, I HIGHLY recommend you first start your business before you buy/run this subliminal program. If you have a fear of jumping headfirst into entrepreneurship, you should consider running Ascension as a standalone product, to get your thinking reprogrammed into that of an assertive alpha male.. It’s definitely not for the feint of heart!

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