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Looking for a way to supercharge your magickal cashbook and get stronger and faster results? Enter gnosis – the super powerful magickal state – by spraying on a couple sprays of these pheromones a few minutes before you begin your rituals

Supercharge Your Magickal Cashbook

It might seem a bit crazy to think that there are very easy and effective ways to enter gnosis without all the crazy practicing that is normally required. Now, I should note, I’m not referring to true gnosis, but more like a pseudo-gnosis.. The term it is actually called is largely irrelevant. This method works, and works well. I’ll show you how to supercharge your magickal cashbook, so please keep reading.

How do you ensure your call to the genius spirit nitika during your magickal cashbook ritual is heard effectively? Well, being in a highly focused meditative state of mind when performing the ritual will ensure Nitika will hear your call.

I know it may sound weird but here’s how the pheromones in this spray works. It contains a pheromone molecule called Beta-Androstenol, which is known to produce feelings of connection and bonding with other people when wearing it. When nobody else is around, you’re forging a stronger connection with yourself, because the molecule also works on you, the wearer. It also contains another molecule called EpiAllopregnenolone. The combination of these two molecules together make the pheromone spray introspective, and thought expansive. That’s exactly the reason why the spray is called Thinker read more or buy it here.

Supercharge Your Magickal Cashbook
Magickal Cashbook

The on-label uses that Thinker is known for is engaging in thought provoking conversations to encourage deeper idea flows. Obviously this would be perfect for brainstorming sessions, and this is actually why I originally bought the blend. It wasn’t until I was doing my Magickal Cashbook ritual one night, having just sprayed the thinker an hour prior, that I realized this pheromone has a hidden off-label use.

I discovered that when I grabbed my Magickal Cashbook, I sensed a greater connection to the spirit Nitika. Interesting.. I cracked open the first page and looked at my handwriting, and felt a stronger sense of connection to my writing in the book. Whoa… I said the first few words, Nah-Kah-Yah-Way 3 times, and I could feel the power of vibrating the spirits name so strong, it kind of shook me. I felt like I entered a slight trance. I closed the book, looked at Nitika’s sigil again, and knew that the genius spirit of precious stones was in my presence.

Not only was it there, I sensed the spirit listening to my call intently. I performed the ritual as I normally do, but this time I felt like I was hanging on to each word much more heavily than I normally do. I circling the dollar amount in the Magickal Cashbook much slower and more purposefully than normal. When it was time to close the ritual, I thanked Nitika deeply from the bottom of my heart, and gave it license to depart. I closed the book again, and this time I slid my fingers over the black markings on the sigil on the front of the book, and the back of the book.

I’d never felt that sort of power before in my magickal workings!

So I tried to do it again, the next day. It worked!

I did it again the following day, and it worked again, but the effect was much lower than the first two nights. I gave a few days break with the pheromones, and when I tried it again, the magickal state of being was back in full force!

And guess what. The most important thing is that the magickal cashbook actually started bringing in the money I was asking for much faster. Ever since, I’ve been using the pheromone spray called Thinker 3 or 4 times per week, when performing my Cashbook. I’ve also supercharged my cashbook and one of the techniques I use is asking for a super high dollar amount, and continue doing the rituals until the result manifests. With this new technique, I’ve manifested cashbook results much faster and I am super grateful to have accidentally discovered this technique.

I’m grateful to Nitika, the genius spirit of precious stones, for showing me this technique. I know the “accident” was a total manifestation now.

Grab you some of this pheromone product here and use it to supercharge your magickal cashbook

If you’re looking for a fresh new way to practice magick while developing your spirituality, go grab a copy of Mystical Words Of Power by Damon Brand on amazon

Finally, a new release by the amazing Gallery of Magick. You know, out of all the magickal books out there, GoM material is by far the easiest to crack open, turn to a ritual, and cast a spell. There’s no pre-requisite reading material required. There’s no equipment required. There’s never any sort of initiation involved. Nothing wrong with any of those things, by any means. BUT– for the person who wants to crack open a book and cast a spell within the hour, GoM always delivers.

Mystical Words Of Power is no exception.

Here’s the catch — this book isn’t the one if you’re looking to target specific areas of your life. If you have specific results you require, go check out some of the other books. I highly recommend Sigils of Power and Transformation, for SUPER EASY rituals that are mostly open ended – see this video on open ended magick for more info on Why Open Ended Magick Is The Strongest.

The Mystical Words of Power book by Damon Brand utilizes angelic forces to bring about change in your life, but through an open ended approach. Instead of asking that you focus on the result, it asks you remove your expectations of results. The first part, anyway. The beautiful part of this is that by default, the rituals you perform lack a lust of result. When you cast a spell with no specific intent or result in mind, you give the magick freedom to manifest in whatever path it chooses.

By allowing the magick to manifest this way, you’re telling the universe that you’re receptive to change. When you have no expectations attached to the results, you don’t get in your own way. THIS IS HUGE! Do you know how many times I’ve seen people sabotage their magickal results because their subconscious got in the way? I’m a part of many magickal communities so I see it very often. And you can’t really blame these people, because it’s totally a human thing to do — plus, the subconscious operates by itself, and even if they wanted to be different, it’s not up to them.

I like the attuning ritual quite a lot. The rituals after the attuning ritual are the rituals I’m specifically referring to in this article. The 7 rituals are as follows:

  1. Perception
  2. Knowledge
  3. Imagination
  4. Love
  5. Healing
  6. Transformation
  7. Empowered Mind

Each of these rituals have their own specific goal, as you can see. The open ended aspect of the rituals make it so the angelic forces can bring you change in the most unexpected ways. The results will likely also come very quickly, because you’re not narrowing down the path the magick can take to manifest. Especially because these are inner changes, which happen MUCH faster than changes on the physical plane. Manifestation on the physical plane requires far more energy and therefore, can sometimes take a lot longer than desired.

Another potential benefit of running this type of magick is that you’ll empower access to your inner self that would otherwise be an untapped source of power. As you continue doing these rituals, you grow this continually evolving connection with yourself and your true desires, which makes all other magick you do much stronger. Because you will intuitively know what your true self really desires, and what is important to you at your core.

Overall, I think it’s an incredible book, and if you’re contemplating whether or not you should get it, I think you should go ahead and pull the trigger. Get the book. The WORST that can happen is that you’re going to become more in tune with your desires. The best that can happen is you’ll become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, through understanding yourself and the universe. Pretty cool, eh?

Buy the book on amazon

You trying to expand beyond your limits and blast into a state of limitless wealth? Look no further. If you’re serious about your secular quest to obtain massive success, read on. If you’re tryina make a quick buck, don’t read further, get Magickal Riches instead.

Need a boost to your magick? Try a spray or two of ThinkerXS on your neck before you do your ritual to put you straight into a powerful state of gnosis, perfect for connecting with the spirits.

And my final recommendation, run the subliminal program Ascended Mogul to manifest status and wealth from your subconscious

Welcome to the wonderful world of WEALTH MAGICK.  A world where anything and everything you want is within reach. Where cryptic sorcery hidden within grimoires  from ages past was decoded and put together into a formulaic guide for those who truly seek wealth through occult means. How bad do you want what you want? Obviously enough to want to commit to a 6 month wealth magick run, right?

Oh yeah, that’s the first thing I should mention. It’s a 6 ish month commitment. If that intimidates you, let me kindly refer you back to Magickal Riches to get you ready for it. If it makes you slightly uncomfortable but you’re willing to take the risk anyway but have a slight hang up, let me brief you in on my preface to what led up to my run of Wealth Magick, along with the one ritual that was the spark that lit my Wealth Magick fire.

Back in the early summer of 2017, I knew I wanted to embark on a Wealth Magick journey. I always knew I wanted to live a life of extreme prosperity, and I had been attempting to shape myself into a person that is capable of receiving said prosperity, through secular and spiritual means, for years. So by the time I saw Wealth Magick, I knew it was the missing element to all my wasted years trying the new age law of attraction crap pushed by the writers of The Secret, which I read and watched for the first time when I was 17… And continued to read and watch well into my early 20’s. Of all the visualizing I’ve done, the results can hardly speak for themselves. I’ll get more into that later.

I knew that there was loads of internal garbage, negative self talk, and faulty programming that I operated on, through my years of personal development. Which, by the way, is something that you should be doing every day, for the rest of your life, if you want to be successful. Check out the subliminals by Subliminal Club for mindset training that will help you subconsciously while you work to change your reality through magick. With all that crap floating around in my head, I knew I had to attack the one hangup that I had before starting WM. Fear of Success! That was a big one that I knew would prevent me from not only finishing WM, it would sabotage my success.

So I petitioned the angel Daniel

The optional preliminary

So I petitioned the angel Daniel to remove my fears and to assist me before embarking on the wealth magick journey. I tossed my petition into a burning bowl ceremony, and trusted Daniel to guide me.

Obviously, the petition to Daniel is an optional step. It was personal to me, but I highly recommend it if you have a slight hangup in starting WM.

Oh yeah, remember how the first thing I told you I should mention is that it’s a 6 month commitment? The second thing you need to know is that the spirits and magick you will be working with demand that you be doing your part in the secular plane to ensure the success of the magick. This means you can’t be wasting your life away on some bullshit and expect to be prosperous just because you are doing Wealth Magick. If you don’t have a hustle you are ready to dedicate some time to, or if you don’t have a job that you’re willing to give your all to, the magick simply won’t work. I got strong feelings of that when I was running this course.

The third thing is an important little bit. Get ready for some changes. The second ritual is where a lot of people chicken out, because the three angels of omnipotence named Elubatel, Ebuhuel, and Atuesuel are known to cause disruption in those who dare summon them. Okay that was a little bit dramatic. But let’s put something into perspective now, shall we?

How Bad Do You Want What You Want?

We all know great things come to those who work for it. We’ve all also heard the adage ‘be careful what you wish for’. So when you ask for prosperity from these 3 angels who have the power to move mountains, and they move those mountains, you’re gonna feel it.

People are so quick to get scared by it though, and I’ve had many many conversations with cats who are concerned about the disruption messing their life up. Newsflash, if something gets messed up in your life because the Angels of Omnipotence are moving mountains, it’s because they’re moving mountains out of your way!

Mountains Are Obstacles

I was living with a girl I was kinda sorta seeing, who demanded a lot more of my time and energy than I had available to give her. And guess what! The Angels of Omnipotence destroyed that relationship. But guess what else? That relationship wasn’t going anywhere, she was way older than me, and even though we loved each other, we knew we couldn’t be together. So the disruption was nothing more than removing obstacles to wealth. There was no way I could become wealthy with the (unhealthy) dynamic we were living. So the disruption, while on the surface may seem like a curse and something to fear, is really a blessing. If all that stuff didn’t happen with her, I wouldn’t be living where I’m at now. 8 minutes drive to my place of work, which frees up 2 hours of commuting and gas. You bet I’m using those extra dollars and hours towards building my wealth. So……..

Don’t be afraid of disruption – Have you ever met a champion without bumps, bruises, or scars?

Each stage of WM has

Go ahead and grab yourslef a copy of Wealth Magick if you think you’re ready for a life of extreme prosperity