This section is dedicated to pheromones! What they are, how to use them, and what’s good and what’s not.

I get this question a lot. Here’s a quick guide of what to expect when wearing pheromones for men. Don’t have your pheromones yet? Grab you some Taboo Spray For Men or XiSt Spray For Men

What should you expect from wearing pheromones? Well I’m glad you are asking this question because I  have compiled a short list of what I’ve found to be the most common signs that a pheromone is working. I’ve dubbed this the Hit List.

This is the list for guys to pay attention to, when women exhibit these signs. Always keep in mind that seeing one of these in an isolated case is NOT a HIT! She has to be exhibiting multiple, simultaneously, in what we call a “cluster”. The more indicators she signals, the more aroused she is.

Depending on her level of arousal, her legs will be doing one of many things. She could be crossing her legs, then uncrossing them, frequently. If she sits with her legs in an open manner, it’s definitely a hit. If her leg is shaking over a crossed leg, she’s either anxious, or aroused. Pay attention to her face when she shakes her legs fast. If you’re seeing it’s due to anxiety or nervousness, try using some A-1 in your mix next time to add a bit of comfort.

If she’s biting one side of her lip while talking to you, she’s definitely attracted. MAKE YOUR MOVE or forever leave the game. If she smacks or moves her tongue a lot when not talking, you’ve got her attention.

Hair flipping is very commonly reported as a hit, and should be taken positively. Playing with hair is usually only done by the younger girls, so try not to look for that unless you’re fresh into adulthood. She may sometimes fiddle with her hands or jewelery though. This is sometimes a hit, but is also common as a nervous habit so pay attention to the cluster of hits. Stretching around you is usually a good sign, as it indicates that she’s comfortable and wanting to relax and be more comfortable.

If she sighs, yawns, or breathes deep, she’s probably taking a whiff of your pheromone signature while simultaneously having her breath taken away by your presence. If the pheromones on you are turning her on, you’ll notice she will start to flush a little bit and possibly even mention the temperature got warmer.

The party don’t start til you walk in… Because you’re wearing Vibe XS Pheromone Spray For Men And Women

Every time I’ve worn Vibe XS I experienced an interesting phenomenon. The inner jokester in me came out with no shame at all, and all my dad jokes were told for the world to enjoy –or scoff, cuz some of y’all are haters and hate on dad jokes — but I grew up on laffy taffy jokes, and the kids who wrote them became dads, hence dad jokes. I’ll show myself to the door…..

Okay but for real, I think this spray is everything MX297 wanted to be, but fell short of. That pheromone by the defunct and continuing to suffer androtics direct was touted to be a “life of the party” pheromone. I had a bottle but aside from its amazing smell, it didn’t do shit for me. Most expensive bottle of cologne I’ve ever purchased in my life. But just a few days into using Vibe XS , I realized what it was that I wanted from a pheromone like this.

To be completely fair, I’ll have to mention that I’ve had the 30 ml of Vibe XS for over a few months now. I bought it because I’m a collector and want to have all of XS flagship products, and this is one I didn’t have yet, nor had I tried. With that being the case, I bought it without really researching what it was for, or what was in it. I just knew I didn’t have it and needed it.

I used it a few times within the first few weeks of having it. I either used it solo, or combined it with Love Boat, which I also love very much. I wore it to work a few times during my initial testing phase, and what I noticed about it immediately was that it removed my inhibitions for being silly. This is notable mainly because I typically keep my silliness at a low when I’m at work. I oversee a company with 20 employees, and while EVERYONE knows and loves my craziness, I try to keep my composure in the professional environment. But 2 sprays of Vibe XS and then going to work was game over to that professional facade. But here’s the thing! IT WASN’T A BAD THING! I was totally congruent with the blend and people loved it. I calmed down any potentially stressful atmosphere with the power of Vibe XS.

Although it wasn’t bad at work, I don’t think it was the best place to use it, but that won’t stop me from using it again before work tomorrow. I’m having a great time playing with this pheromone.

A girl friend of mine was pissed off and angry that her roommate’s dog broke something of hers. She called me up earlier today and wanted to go out, so I thought what a perfect opportunity to test out VIBE! I also decided it would be a great opportunity for her to test out bliss oil pheromones (see this great video review on bliss by the way). She knows what pheromones are, and I have let her use Vibe XS before. I briefly told her what bliss was, but didn’t tell her too much. She threw on 3 drops of the stuff, and within about 2 minutes, the car ride to the restaurant was a crazy party between the two of us. I’m talkin we were dancing in the car with the volume on full blast, joking like we’ve never joked before. It was almost surreal. We both looked at each other and knew the pheromones were working on each other, and it was great.

Anyhow, this pheromone is great and can be used by both men and women, which is great. Like I said earlier, I let my girl friend wear it a while ago and she was definitely more peppy while wearing it.

Final verdict? Vibe XS gets a solid win in my book (or website, whatever). Grab you a bottle today!

Become the life of the party, ladies!  This pheromone will make you shine like the babe you are, and make people like you more! Tease XS by PheromoneXS

Tease is hands down AMAZING! I love it and you will too. Here’s the thing about Tease XS that I’ll review. It makes you SHINE like glitters and sparkles and it’ll make you glow instantly! Spray it on and go do your thing out in the world, and you’ll notice a world of a difference. People will look at you in wonder and awe, and will just want to be around you. The aura you’re radiating while on this juice turns you into that girl you know who lights up the room when she walks in (you know who I’m talking about!). All you need is 1 or 2 sprays, and you’ll be shining like a celebrity.

And that’s just the visual part.

What about how the boys will react? That’s the juicy stuff and that’s why I know you’re reading. The first bit above is just a taste of what it does.

So this stuff makes the boys imagination go crazy! As if you were wearing a dress that was a bit revealing, but not too revealing, and your makeup and hair was done perfectly. Tease XS definitely works best if you really WERE dolled up, but even if you’re not. Think about it, you’re walking towards your crush and you let him take a few whiffs of your pheromone cloud, slow down right in front of him, then once you get past him, walk normal pace again, and by that time the pheromones have hit him right in his brain! You’ve got his attention girl!

I heard a story once where this girl in her 30’s stopped at a cafe after work and a pro football player was there. He asked for her number! This same girl said that wearing it to work made a Monday feel like a Friday because it turned everybody happy and uninhibited, but it didn’t stop anyone’s productivity. This is some good stuff! The girl wearing Tease XS is a girl who people see as a girl with status. She’s sexy as hell, but the sexy isn’t so overpowering, and you can definitely wear it during the day time. Oh, and it’ll also make people see you as the queen bee that’s sensual.

You need to get this stuff. 🙂

Buy it here

Happy Hunting Ladies <3

The absolute hands down best pheromone for women for you to have in your arsenal. Get Desire Me + ASAP and see how fast men fall under your spell. 

If you’re unfamiliar with pheromones, welcome. If you’re experienced with pheromones, welcome. If you haven’t used Desire Me + before, then this is article is for you. I present to you, The Best Pheromones For Women ever.

Copulins – us women evolved thousands and thousands of years ago to produce this nifty little molecule when we ovulate. It is a chemical signal that we are prime and highly fertile. This triggers an erotic state in males, signaling that you’re the perfect mate.

Fast forward thousands of years to today. Over the centuries, men and women evolved a sort of symphonic dance during ovulation, and copulins have recently been proven to control men’s mind and behavior. How cool is that? Even cooler is today science has been able to synthesize this crazy powerful molecule in the lab, and they are now available for use externally.

“But why, VelvetLips, would anyone want to put artificial pussy juice on themselves?” I’m glad you asked. With a couple sprays of PheromoneXS desire me + , you instantly become queen. Women look at you in awe, wondering who this sexy thing is. Men fall head over heels for you because you’re triggering the caveman’s instinct in him to want to mate. Let that sink in for a minute.

“You mean to tell me that 2 sprays of this pussy juice can have men under my spell?” Yep. That’s right.

I have to be fair and warn you about something though. The spray STINKS! Well, it stinks at first anyway. After about 30 minutes the scent dies down to a bit more manageable, but it can make you self conscious. Definitely get a strong cover scent for this one. But I’ve talked to many women who love this spray, and they all unanimously say “Don’t worry about the smell! Just rock it babe!”

Another thing about Desire Me + is that it’s not just an attractant. It also has a molecule in it called Alpha-Androstenol, which is what puts the PLUS in Desire Me +. Copulins by themselves are great, but I wouldn’t recommend you go and buy straight copulins if it’s your first purchase of pheromones for women. Desire Me+ is perfect because the alpha androstenol gets people chatty and comfortable, and basically does some of the social hardwork FOR you! It makes others make the first move, so if you’re a shy or timid type, this is perfect!

Well that’s enough blabbering on about Desire Me+ , go get yourself a bottle and use 2 sprays per day for 2 weeks, and watch how people fall into your spell!

And most of all, Be The Babe You Really Are!

Escape the friend-zone. Be the man she’s thinking about. And if you want to see results, GO BUY XiSt RIGHT NOW!

The Friend-Zone. The DREADED Friend-Zone. It’s one of the most painful experiences known to mankind, next to heartbreak. But now, you never have to worry about the friendzone ever again, thanks to a pheromone product that is backed by SteveO of PheromoneXS called XiSt.

But let’s get into the meat of the story now, shall we? It was 2015. I was actively involved in a community of people in my city, where we’d see each other 3-5 times a week, for at least an hour. What better opportunity to test pheromones than this? So I ran a test. I had XiSt Oil (which is what I recommend by the way), and dropped anywhere between 1 and 3 drops onto myself each day for a few months. I was not disappointed.

There was a house full of girls that I would visit from time to time , one of whom became my girlfriend for a while. I had no idea at the time, but the xist was hitting my (soon to be) girlfriend like a baseball bat every time I saw her. And not because I was in the friendzone. It was hitting her with the “perfect boyfriend” vibe that xist is also known for. Eventually, it got to where she started texting me in the middle of the night asking me to pick her up to hang out, which is extremely unheard of for a woman in her late 30’s to be doing…… Anyway, one thing naturally let to another, and before you know it we’re in an open relationship, and she’s living clear on the other side of town alone (away from all the other girls). Once a week or once every two weeks, she would drop a hint or outright say “you remember ‘J’ from my old house? She had the hots for you”. And then a week after that, “Do you remember ‘F’? She had the hots for you.” And on and on until she listed EVERY GIRL THAT SHE LIVED WITH!

I had NO IDEA XiSt was such a powerful beast, because at first, it doesn’t really show any signs of working as well as it is!!!!!! I really couldn’t fathom it, and I have to say it was a huge boost to my confidence to hear all that from my girlfriend. XiSt actually does work immediately, so don’t get me wrong; you WILL see hits in your targets first and second exposures. It doesn’t HAVE to take multiple exposures to get the desired result, but it works better the more you expose her to it.

All in all, this is an excellent daily wear, and you can wear up to 4 or 5 drops and STILL not OD. It’s a very well crafted pheromone blend, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start out with pheromones.

Try combining it with the sex and seduction subliminal and see where life takes you 🙂