Subliminal Audio Programming

To those of you familiar with my website, you know that I’m a big supporter of Subliminal Shop. Recently, however, I’ve been given the opportunity to test subliminals by the new kids on the sub scene — Subliminal Club.

I’m not going to stop you but you should know a few things first. You may want to look into a subliminal club instead, but the choice is yours to make.

The title of this article is meant to address a few things. First and foremost, why are you pirating the subliminal shop mega pack torrent? There’s a lot of subliminals in there, and you’re probably not going to use them all. The most useful subs in there are AM6 and SM3 in my opinion. And that’s based on my personal experience of using those two subs. The rest of the subs are old school technology and you’re wasting bandwidth and time by downloading it.

Second, if you’re broke, why don’t use use the subliminal club subs instead? They’re a much cheaper alternative but it’s just as effective, if not more effective in certain regards. If you’re absolutely broke as a joke, check out their free sub called Ascension Lite. It’s basically a stripped down version of Ascension. It’s still gonna give you some results but I recommend just paying for the full sub because time is more valuable than money in my opinion. It’s like 40 dollars for the full sub, and worth every penny. That’s 4 hours worth of work if you work a $10/hr job. If you can’t set that aside to invest in your own development, then you have bigger problems at hand.

Third, and final aspect I’d like to touch on. You’d be stealing from a man trying to provide a roof for himself. It’s one thing to steal from corporations, but another altogether when you steal from an individual. I’m not the moral police or anything, so you’re free to do whatever you choose to do. And I will leave the subject at that.

There’s so much crap out there in the subliminal-o-sphere. Some people should just not be allowed to create stuff to manipulate your subconscious mind because that is a privilege and liberty that should ONLY be afforded to those who know what they’re doing. The media does it all the time, and they’re damn good at it.

But let’s talk about Alpha Male Entrepreneur Attraction Subliminals (let’s call ‘em AMEAS) because those 3 genre’s of subs are the most sought after in the sub-space. To date, I’ve only ever encountered one subliminal that does all 3, successfully – EMPEROR.

The thing with this combined genre of subliminals is that it’s quite difficult to script. You have to be absolutely sure that each sentence does not conflict with the others. And even if the statements do not conflict, how do you know that the goals are not conflicting? You can’t just say

“I am now, have been, and always will be, the most confident, powerful, alpha male that is known by my peers and acquaintances, and they find me extremely irresistibly attractive because I make a lot of money”


AMEAS subs, as a genre, have not been developed successfully even from the most respectable producers such as Indigo Mind Labs or Talmadge Harper simply due to “conflicting interests”. You mean to tell me “The goals are too different from each other so it won’t work?”

So how exactly did Subliminal Club develop EMPEROR, a successfully produced AMEAS? Well for one, they knew from the outset that they were going to develop subliminals that could be stacked with other subliminals. This meant they had to develop a scripting technique that would be sustainable in the long run to be able to mix different programs together while still producing results. Second, their scripter (Mark Malkuth) is incredibly talented. I happen to know from an undisclosed (and undiscloseable) source that Mark Malkuth is a highly skilled magickian who has studied the mind and spirit extensively in a quest for greater understanding of the world. I had the pleasure of catching a few glimpses of the scripts of Subliminal Club subs (and signed a non-disclosure too) and can tell you that the way those statements are put together is nothing short of genius.


So is EMPEROR really worth it? I dunno. You tell me. $35 (at the time of this writing) for the world’s first ever successfully produced AMEAS that WORKS? Stop reading and go buy it! I’ve been using it for a couple weeks already and if you saw my social media presence and the following I have, and my Tinder account, you will see the harem in the making that is ETERNITYS LIFE!

I hear this question ALL the time. Do YouTube subliminal audio messages really work?

There’s a short and long answer to this question. And it’s not as simple as it may seem. The short answer is yes YouTube subliminals really do work. The complicated answer is No they don’t.


Here’s the how and the why of it.


So you listen to these YouTube subliminals and you are quite religious about listening to the audio. Great! Depending on the grammatical syntax of the scripting, the audio compression technology, vocoding technique, and a whole host of other variables, you will achieve varying types of results. The fact is, subliminal audio messaging is very effective, irrespective of the quality level of subliminals you use.



What level of results are you looking to achieve?

Most youtube subliminals are scripted simplistically with the most basic of volume management. Phrases like “I am wealthy” or “I attract women easily and readily”. While these phrases are great mantras to repeat to yourself every day, and even better when subliminalized, you will NOT get permanent or life changing results from them.


When it comes to the amount of time you invest every night by pressing the ‘play’ button, you should use discernment in what you put in your mind. I don’t know about you, but if I have the choice between using a free youtube subliminal every day made by some Joe with a computer or using a professionally crafted, money back guaranteed subliminal…. It’s a no brainer. Especially subliminals made by Subliminal Club, who’s price point is SUPER affordable and come backed with a money back guarantee. I had the pleasure of communicating directly with the men behind Subliminal Club, and they revealed to me that the scripting methods they employ are light years beyond simplistic 8 word sentences. Not only that, one of them has a background in audio production and has gotten the subliminal building method to a science.


I highly recommend you checking them out. Use the coupon code “SubClub” for 30% off, at the time of this writing. Worst case scenario, you can return the sub and get your money back. But I’ve used their subliminals and I’ll stand by them.

reprogram the subconscious mind while sleeping

Programming the subconscious mind while sleeping is now more efficient than ever before, with the subliminals by Subliminal Club

Is it real? Is it a myth? Can you really program your subconscious mind while sleeping? If so, then how?

The subconscious mind is like a computer. Modern psychology is growing to understand the subconscious more every day. Although it’s still not completely understood, some pioneers in the subliminal industry are making serious strides in taking control of subconscious programming. Mark Malkuth and Saint Sovereign of Subliminal Club have decades of scientific research on the subconscious mind and has discovered techniques to embed scripts into a subliminal format to allow the common person like you and me to reprogram the subconscious mind.

Did you just say sub club turned affirmations into a silent audio to listen to while sleeping? How observant you are, to pick up on that, dear reader!

Believe me, I was pretty skeptical when I first heard about a concept that I could play an audio track while I sleep and have my reality change before me.

But then I had the thought… You know, we’re being programmed day in and day out by the media. And marketing and advertising is the worst! If these companies have the power to influence us subconsciously, then there MUST be a way to program my subconscious mind while sleeping for some profound life altering changes!

I found out about this company called Sub Club and bought their subliminal called Ascended Mogul. This subliminal is an alpha male / finance subliminal, and I gotta tell you.. It started working immediately! Ladies, check out this alpha female subliminal!

I let the program play on loop every night while I was sleeping through my laptop speakers. Sometimes, when I was too tired or lazy to pull open my computer, I just threw it onto my phone’s playlist and played it that way. Within days, I started getting sales from my YouTube channel, something that I had given up hope on a year prior. Seriously, I thought that channel was DEAD! A few days later, I got yet another sale! I was wondering where the heck it could have been coming from, then it hit me. I was running Ascended Mogul. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting the financial results because I was trying to become higher status. That sounds much more appealing to me, because I was training to become high level management at my company. So seeing the sales roll in was a welcome result.

reprogram the subconscious mind while sleeping

If you are an extreme skeptic, there is a free subliminal you should check out. It’s basically a toned down version of Ascension called Ascension Lite. Go ahead and check it out and try it before you buy it. The worst that could happen is that it won’t work, and that you would have wasted 5 seconds of every night hitting that play button. The best that could have happened? The possibilities are endless!

Or if you are ready to have your reality shattered in every single way imaginable, get on that new subliminal audio program called Sex And Seduction (this one’s for the guys. Ladies, check out this pheromone my friend wrote about and get your own advantage in the dating arena.

I was running S&S for a couple weeks, and this girl I was talking to outright started sending me pics of her giving blowjobs. Like for real, I thought that was the craziest thing, because I wasn’t trying to see other dudes’ dicks, but she was showing off her skill. The crazy thing was I was banging her room mate at that time, and she could tell something was up between me and ole girl with the spank bank. That caused the chemistry between me and horny ass to end… But for a little bit there, I thought I’d be the luckiest guy in the world banging two girls in one house.

S&S also makes you insanely seductive through online interactions. I make YouTube videos in my spare time and I’ve had girls message me from all around the country through my YouTube channel, and some of these girls even have watch parties to watch my videos! That’s insane! It’s freaking awesome flirting with chicks from all over the world because my aura is supercharged with sex and seduction. Seriously, all I do is just listen to it at night and the world around me changes.

So how do the subliminals work? Well they’re recorded at a level of volume that’s below the conscious mind’s ability to hear it. So that’s what makes it truly subliminal. Reprogramming your subconscious mind while sleeping requires you to activate your subconscious. If you are listening to a hypnosis or guided audio, then you’re not really reprogramming your subconscious. You’re hitting your conscious mind, and that will only get you temporary results because it’s missing the core programming of how you function. Don’t get me wrong, hypnosis and guided audios are great, but they’re not what you need for long term results.

What are you waiting for? Have you grabbed you a subliminal yet from subliminal club? Or are you going to do a google search for subliminal club reviews first?

Resistance to Subliminal Programming

If you’re a user of subliminal audio programming, you’ve probably experienced the common phenomenon of subconscious resistance.

So you’ve encountered resistance while listening to subliminals. What should you do about it?

First of all, what you can do is try to change the volume you listen to the subliminal. Some personalities have a subconscious aversion to “being told what to do”, and for these people lower volumes are far superior. Yet others subconscious get “motivated by being yelled at”, and these people function best with higher volumes of subliminal audio programming.

Definitely follow the volume calibration guide to make sure you don’t give yourself hearing damage by listening to the ultrasonic too loud. My ideal volume is -55dB at the point where my head is in relation to the speakers. Use the app called Frequensee to check the volume of the ultrasonic, if necessary.

Resistance to Subliminal Programming

You could also try switching audio styles. For instance, if you listen to Ultrasonic subliminals and are experiencing resistance, try switching to the masked tracks, and vice versa. The masked tracks and the ultrasonic tracks hit different parts of the subconscious, and therefore one may trigger more resistance in an individual than the other.

All of the above information is erroneous as of the release of DMSI, since the program and everything released afterwards automatically guides you to your optimum volume.

Other than that, if you are resisting, you’re best to simply ask yourself why you are resisting the instructions. You may get some insight into this, you may not. Either way, do not give up listening to the subliminal during a phase of resistance, as that is exactly what the subconscious will get you to do in order to avoid accepting and executing the instructions as if the instructions are its own.

If you have suicidal thoughts emerging while using your subliminal, the smartest thing to do is TURN IT OFF! Nothing is worth risking your life. I personally had suicidal thinking while on stage 1 of BASE 2.1, but I powered through it. What happened was I was so resistant to the concept of being a successful entrepreneur that my mind had given up hope altogether and was ready to end it all. This is a rare phenomenon for anybody to resist programming so much as to cause suicidal ideation, but it is possible, and has happened so be aware and be prepared for it!

Resistance to Subliminal Programming

When the subconscious is presented with information that challenges its beliefs to the core, the subconscious puts up resistance to the incoming information, which can manifest in various forms.

The subconscious is a tricky beast. Understanding the subconscious and how the subconscious work can help us to overcome some of the challenges we are confronted with when it comes to subliminal programs. The resistance also tends to look different depending on which generation of subliminals you use.

In the 4th generation of subliminals by Indigo Mind Labs, the subconscious tended to resist to programming by manifesting rage and frustration in the user. If you read a lot of the journals of Alpha Male 5.0, you will see that people were angry and frustrated a lot of the time. This is a classic sign of resisting the programming. The subconscious essentially realizes that it’s being told something that it doesn’t want to cooperate with, but also realizes that it’s going to have to cooperate eventually, so it throws a mini temper tantrum in the form of rage resistance.

The rage based resistance isn’t limited to 4th generation subliminals, however. We see reports daily where people running DMSI and other subliminal audio programs experience rage based resistance. So even as the subliminal audio scripting technology gets more advanced, the subconscious still finds way to resist the programming.

More often than not, the rage based resistance is followed by depressive resistance in a lot of people. What this signifies is that the subconscious is no longer putting up a fight against the resistance, but it is still not happy in complying with the script, so it manifests as depression.

So now that you understand what these forms of resistance are, you are better equipped to deal with it when it shows up. Some personality types are more resistant than others, as is often seen. Some people are so resistant to the scripts that they experience something called stonewalling.

The phenomenon of stonewalling a subliminal occurs in the rare individual who is subconsciously extremely stubborn and resistant to the subliminal programming. When this happens, the mind will not even expend energy in resisting the subliminal, so neither rage nor depression will manifest. The subconscious essentially puts up a stone wall that is so strong that the script won’t be able to enter the subconscious. Again, this type is extremely rare, but these types of people do exist.

If you are experiencing resistance in subliminals that were released pre-DMSI, you might do well to try a few solutions to overcoming resistance.

So you’ve stumbled upon the wonderful world of subliminal audio programs and subliminal mind programming. You’re ready to start listening to these programs, but you are not sure how to go about getting yourself set up to take maximum advantage of these subliminals. Fear not, for that’s exactly what this guide to using subliminals is about.

The Ultimate Guide To Using Subliminal Audio Programs

So you’ve stumbled upon the wonderful world of subliminal audio programs and subliminal mind programming. You’re ready to start listening to these programs, but you are not sure how to go about getting yourself set up to take maximum advantage of these subliminals. Fear not, for that’s exactly what this guide is about.

File Formats

When you purchase the subliminal audio programs, you will see multiple files in your account for each variation of the program you are using. There are 3 different audio tracks, such as Ocean Surf, Trickling Stream, and Ultrasonic. The ocean surf and trickling stream files are masked format tracks, which means that the subliminal audio programming is embedded beneath the sound of the ocean or the sound of a river.

Choosing which format to use really depends on your preference. Ultrasonic is for the most part “silent” so it can be useful just to play it in the background while you go about your day. Masked tracks have the additional benefit of being relaxing, as nature sounds typically do. For all programs created after DMSI, hybrid tracks are also an option, which is a combination of Ultrasonic and Masked.

The newer 5.5G subliminals are built in .FLAC file formats as well as .mp3 formats. It’s been stated by Shannon Matteson himself that .FLAC is a step up in power compared to .mp3, but .FLAC is not very friendly on many devices. However, if you have the ability to use .flac, do so because it’s more effective at inputting the information into your subconscious. However, you will not be missing out if you are unable to, as .mp3 files get the job done just as well.

Audio Players

Some audio players are better than others. On PC, it’s recommended to use something like Foobar, VLC, or Audacious. Shy away from windows media player, if you can.

Equalizer Settings

Always try to have equalizer settings at DEFAULT settings, default being no modification to the equalizer. However, if you do not have an option on your player for a balanced equalizer setting, choose Jazz, as that would be the next best thing to default. Try not to use bass booster, either in your software or your hardware, if you can, as bass booster will reduce the effectiveness of the subliminals.


If you choose to listen to ultrasonic or hybrid formats, you need to make sure your speakers or headphones have a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. This is MANDATORY. Otherwise, you will not receive the benefits of the subliminals. You can run the frequency response test to see if your speakers or headphones can handle the ultrasonic or hybrid formats. This is unnecessary, if you listen to purely masked tracks, however.

You also want to have STEREO speakers or STEREO headphones. Mono will work, but the programs are designed to be listened to with both ears, and as such, there is different programming on the left and right channels. As such, mono speakers will give you about 45% effectiveness compared to stereo speakers.

For absolute optimal listening, you should use headphones, or have each speaker on either side of you, at equally distant points, to make sure you get the best effects. It’s OK to have the speakers at one corner of the room while listening, but it’s not optimum.

The absolute best equipment to use for subliminal audio programs is a headphone device called Sleep Phones. They can be used overnight without discomfort, and they meet the frequency response requirements of ultrasonic as well.

Timing Your Listening Sessions

With the advent of ASRB technology in 5.5G and above, it’s important to time your listening sessions such that you listen to all of your loops in one session, without missing even a fraction of a second of audio. This makes headphones a better bet for the more recent subliminals such as DMSI. You do not have to worry about this if your subliminal audio program is in 5th Generation format or older.

Generation Formats

Each subliminal falls under a generation format, depending on when it was built and with what technology went into the subliminal. 5th generation subliminal audio programs use Naturalizer, Optimus engine, Self Optimizing Scripting, and a few others. Because of this, 5th generation and above format programs cannot be used in conjunction with other subliminals or mind programming methods. 5.5Generation is the the generation in between 5th and 6th, with many technologies backported from 6G, which at the time of this writing, has not been released yet. 5.5G subliminals use ASRB, energy flooding, and P3/4/5.

4th generation and older subliminals require a minimum of 12 hours of exposure to maximize programming. 5th generation requires a minimum of 8 hours.