Emotional Pain Relief Healing Aid 2.0 5.5G

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Imagine how your life would look today if none of the bad things in your life ever happened at all.

First of all, I know without a shadow of a doubt that every human being needs the results of this program. Whether you believe it or not is entirely up to you, and I’ll just assume that you believe you at least consider it since you’re even reading this article.

The program E2 is in my personal opinion the most underrated subliminal healing program in the entire arsenal of Indigo Mind Labs. I’ve run this sub for a total of 90 days and my life was entirely changed because of it. During my first run with this subliminal, I started experiencing various bouts of resistance to the powerful programming of  E2, but once I crossed the threshold of resistance, I was rocketed into a new dimension of existence I had never even dreamed possible.

Shannon Matteson, the creator of the subliminals, uses the analogy of a tangled up ball of yarn to represent all the things that have ever happened to us, affected us, influenced us, and in some form or fashion shape our belief system. The metaphorical goal of E2 is to untangle this crazy messy ball of yarn, inch by inch, until it goes through each event in your life back to the day your born (congenially referred to as “Day 1” on the forum).

The obvious reasons for running this program would be to overcome traumatic experiences that haunt you, such as rape, abuse, neglect, and PTSD. I personally have suffered from all of these, and it led me into a pretty gnarly substance abuse problem that I thankfully recovered from. I’ve done a lot of work on these issues that haunted me, but E2 had at least a 40% share in taking care of these problems in my life.

Less obvious reasons for running this program, however, is what I want to focus on. Did you know that an event that happened 20 years ago that you hardly remember can still affect you? Like the kid who sat next to you at lunch and poked you until you gave him your lunch money. We think we “get over” these things, but our subconscious NEVER forgets anything, and events like this actually mold our worldview and shape our belief system. By “healing” events such as this, we re-shape our worldview and belief system to that of an emotionally healthy human being who has never had this scenario happen to him.

With a solid 6 month E2 run, you can expect the healing to compound by going through each event in your life and healing you to make it so that you never even experienced that event in the first place. No it doesn’t erase your memory; it just relieves you of the subconscious pain from the event.

The best part about all this healing is that there is an emotional shield that the subliminal puts up in order to mask your conscious mind from experiencing the pain by revisiting old wounds. This is invaluable for veterans of war, who carry with them the tremendous burden of having to bury painful memories deep inside the subconscious where they manifest into complexes and manias. If you are a veteran of a war, Shannon Matteson tips his hat to you and will offer you the program free of charge, if you are provide proof that you protected our liberties. I myself would personally like to thank you, and honor you, if you are such a soul.

I encourage everyone and anyone over the age of 18 to purchase E2 and run it for a minimum of 90 days. Watch your life take off!