Energy Flooding Technology in Subliminals

energly flooding subliminal audio programming

New Technology invented by subliminal audio producer Shannon Matteson generates and uses energy in novel ways to fuel goals of subliminal audio programs.

The Energy Flooding technology is a brand new advancement in the world of subliminal mind programming. What it does is uses whatever energy is around to fuel the efforts of the program. For instance, in the DMSI program, energy is generated and used in powering the aura. The energy comes from various sources, including but not limited to food, ambient local energy, orgone (sexual energy), and other nondisclosed sources.

Based on anecdotal reports around the web, some people have found the supplementing with L-glutamine actually enhances the aura in DMSI, which indicates that the energy flooding is powered at least in part by glucose/sugars. Others have also reported that carbohydrates also tend to power the aura. Shannon also has stated that the energy can be sourced from the ambient energy around the user as well.

It’s been stated by Shannon himself that the energy flooding goes directly into accomplishing all of the goals of the program, provided you are executing the script. In the latest iterations of the DMSI test program, part of the energy also goes toward overcoming resistance as well.

In the program Emotional Healing and Pain Relief Aid 2.0, the energy flooding works to actually affect your external reality. For instance, once you fully integrate the E2 energy into your life, the people around you will start to change. You will attract more loving and positive people, and you will manifest situations which are conducive to your emotional well-being. It seems to be somewhat of a large claim to be making, but let me tell you that I’ve personally experienced it first hand, after having used the E2 program twice.

energy flooding subliminal audio programming

Surprised yet? Wait. It gets better.

If you’re at all familiar with manifestation, you know that manifesting something into your life takes a great deal of energy. Guess what the 5.5G+ subliminals using energy flooding do? That’s right. E2 and DMSI are type D subliminals which means they use manifestation statements. DMSI actually has a few manifestation statements in it, and as the energy sourcing continues to evolve, we see more powerful and quicker manifestation as relates to the design goals of the program. There’s one guy on the subliminal shop forum named Chaosvrgn who seemed to manifest a new online dating match every couple days.

If you want to learn further about manifestation and the way it is possible for energy to influence our reality in the way it does when using subliminals, I recommend you read a book called Kybalion.

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