Maximizing Subconscious Potential For Manifestation Efforts

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The subconscious is extremely powerful, and is capable of advanced feats that we just aren’t taught. This post serves to describe maximizing subconscious potential for manifestation efforts.

Chances are, if you’re on this website, you’re somewhat familiar with the concept popularized as the “Law of Attraction”. If you’re not, I will talk about it a bit in detail here, but the gist of this article assumes you’re familiar with this universal principle.

Firstly, there is a distinction between subconscious and conscious manifestation efforts.


Semi-Conscious Manifestation Methods

There are methods of manifesting which are not fully conscious, yet aren’t considered fully subconscious either. Vision boards would fall into this category. If you’re not familiar with vision boards, I recommend you check them out.

Subconscious Manifestation – Maximizing Manifestation Efforts

The meat and potatoes of manifestation lies in subconscious manifestation. Why? For one, you are not required to continue devoting time or energy in the matter. I solely use the subconscious manifestation method now, and don’t even waste my time with the conscious or semi-conscious methods.


Sigils are symbols that you’ve created out of a manifestation statement. There are many methods for creating sigils, but the easiest way is just breaking down the manifestation statement into a few letters and creating a sigil out of those letters. I made a video on it here

The benefit of sigils is that you devote some time and energy into creating the sigil, and then meditate on it for a set amount of time, and channel your energy into the sigil. Then, you charge your sigil and you forget about it. What you’ve essentially done is pushed the manifestation statement to the far reaches of your subconscious in the form of a symbol. The universe will start aligning things in accordance with universal law (unless you choose to break universal law, but I will not get into that discussion here)

Manifestation Through Subliminal Mind Programming

Believe it or not, the days have come upon us where manifestation through subliminal messaging programs is entirely possible. Some of the Indigo Mind Labs subliminals have scripting inside of it that are specifically geared towards manifestation. For instance, the entire line of MYP (Manifest Your Perfect) subliminals are pure manifestation. As the MYP subliminals are in 5G, they are overshadowed by the sheer amount of power that is contained in the 5.5G subliminals. The Energy Flooding in the 5.5G subliminals is really what makes the manifestation take off. You know how everything in this universe takes energy, right? Well manifestation also takes energy. The faster you want the results, the more energy is demanded out of you. DMSI has energy flooding which brings a whole array of additional energy to fuel the manifestation of the program. Subliminal audio programs are by far the most effective subconscious manifestation methods you can possibly come across. There are a lot of subliminal audio producers out there, but be aware that none of them can compete with the power and success that are contained in the subliminals produced by Shannon L Matteson & Indigo Mind Labs.

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