A Psychedelic Microdoser’s Experience Of Skiing On A Microdose

I don’t condone illegal shit. If you break the law, that’s on you.

How many people have microdosed a psychedelic and then hit the slopes to ski? I took .04 grams of mushrooms this morning before leaving the house, and my experience was GRAND. For reference, mushroom dosing can be way different for you because of the varying potency of magic mushrooms in general so keep that in mind and KNOW YOURSELF if you choose to do this.

I obsessively researched any semblance of information on the internet that I could for days before my trip (no pun intended). All I could find on the internet was people taking mini doses of hallucinogens, which was NOT my intention. I’m a noob at skiing. My second time skiing ever, to be exact. So I wasn’t trying to drop 50 micrograms of LSD, which seemed to be plaguing the internet via reddit. Apparently, a lot of snow athletes drop a small dose of blotter before riding.

I’m writing this guide to give a REAL experience of microdosing and skiing. For me, .05g of mushrooms is enough to get me ever so slightly buzzing. When I take it before work, it’s certainly above the “sub perceptual” threshold. I get slight visuals from it. So I decided to take .04g because I didn’t want to be seeing shit while on the mountain as a noob skiier. And honestly that was a perfect dose for me, because I had zero visual distortion.

I went on Monday, so there were hardly any people on the slopes. Good thing for me. On the way to the slopes, I was looking out the window and the boulders on the side of the mountain on the road looked like they had faces in them so I knew the mushrooms were kicked in.

I hopped onto the chairlift, and proceeded to go up ever so slowly. I looked around me, through the goggles, and watched as the snow slowly poured down. It was beautiful. I caught some flakes in my glove and it fascinated me to try to look at the crystalline formation of the snowflakes.

I must note, that I skii’ed yesterday too, so it’s not like today was the absolute first time I saw all this stuff. It’s just the microdose made it all look slightly better.

But what about how it affected my skiing? Well, like I said, I’m a noob. This skiing trip is my 2nd ski trip ever. I have experience in other sports like rollerblading, skateboarding, longboarding, so picking up skiing really came easy for me, compared to others. I wanted to go down the terrain park and learn how to jump, so that’s what I did for the majority of the day.

Each time I went down the terrain park, I practiced my jumps. It seemed like the mushrooms told me exactly what I needed to do with my body to be able to perfect my technique, and that’s basically what happened. I went off the side of a ramp for the first time, and ate shit. As is to be expected! But the second time, I intuitively knew how to shift the weight of my legs and core to land the jump, and I nailed it! If it weren’t for the mushrooms, I would have gotten it after trying it enough but I knew the mushrooms helped me land it on the second try.

I never really had much anxiety or fear of going down new slopes or dropping high altitudes, but the mushrooms seemed to have killed off whatever worry I had. Not that it made me make irrational decisions, because I definitely knew blue runs were slightly over my ability. My sister wanted to go on a blue, so I joined her. I figured since there were hardly any other people on the slopes, I’d have the whole run to practice.

The crazy thing is, as we were encroaching 2-300 feet to the exit of the chairlift, the wind started picking up like CRAZY. As soon as I got off the lift, I skiied down to my position. My sister and I were ready to ski down, so we got started but the wind was so strong, it pushed us backwards. The mushrooms told me what to do – go down at an angle, and keep carving to get down the mountain. I ended up falling anyway, but getting up was much easier.

The mushrooms seemed to have improved my ability to utilize my muscles. Getting up today was way easier than it was yesterday, even though today I was still sore from yesterday’s runs.

So all in all, it seems the mushrooms gave me the following abilities:

  1. Mushrooms helped me intuitively know what to do to ski better
  2. Removed fear or anxiety
  3. Improved physical stamina

And of course, most of all, it was a damn good time!

Honestly, microdosing LSD would have probably been superior to mushrooms, because LSD tends to give me more energy — but I still really enjoyed the experience of microdosing mushrooms before skiing.

If you decide to do this, please know your snow sport skill level, know your surroundings, and don’t be an idiot. Stay safe, and SNOW ON!