A Personal Guide to Microdosing LSD and How I Found My Sweetspot

Disclaimer- I do not condone any illegal shit, so don’t do illegal shit just because you read about Microdosing LSD on my website.

If you agree not to be an idiot and blame me for breaking the law, then read on.

Microdosing LSD seems to be the hot new thing among startups and entrepreneurs. I can see why it’s intriguing.

I’ve had my healthy share of heroic doses of psychedelics during my younger years. I can say I have more than 150 different experiences of psychedelics under my belt and I don’t care what that says about the type of person I used to be. I know the sheer power these drugs hold in affecting the mind, expanding the consciousness, and impacting reality.

So when I first read about microdosing LSD, I originally thought “why would anyone take a dose of acid so small that they won’t even feel it?” Truly, I thought it would be a waste. But, I thought I’d give it a shot eventually, and stored that information in the back of my brain until it was time to start digging up some information on it.

I read reports that entrepreneurs have been using LSD in tiny amounts to help them. If you know anything about my life through my avid use of subliminals, pheromones, and magick, you’ll know that I’m all about life hacks – If there’s a way to get what I want faster and better, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT!

I hold a high level management position in my company, 2nd only to the owner himself. Over the last couple years, I’ve manifested a partnership with him that puts me in a place where my income can be directly tied to the success of the company, so I’ve been doing everything I can to ensure the company grows exponentially.

So I pulled out the filed away information in the back of my head about microdosing and decided it was time to take the plunge.

Shamelessly stolen image from reddit

Again, I have to reiterate that just because I obtained substances that are illicit in most countries, does NOT mean I condone illegal activity. I hope one day the gubment will see their flaws, but until then we live in a world where this stuff is illegal.

I managed to obtain a few hits of acid, which I later found out was EXTREMELY STRONG acid. They were double the size of normal hits, and the guy I got ’em from told me they were 200 microgram doses. I hadn’t seen acid in years, so I had no idea that this was DOUBLE the size and dose of what most people see on the streets, and when he told me it was 200 mics, I just assumed that’s what normal lsd doses are.

Fast forward a couple weeks, I found a perfect weekend day that I had no commitments, and decided to test this stuff out to see how it works.

My first mistake – cutting up a piece of the tab and sticking it under my tongue – Volumetric Dosing Is The Way To Go.

I cut a tab into 5 pieces. I thought since most people recommend microdosing being 1/10th the dose of a hit of acid, I thought I’d start a little bit higher and work my way down. So I took 1/5th, and I had a mild trip. It was good, but I WAY overshot the mark there, and it was NOT what I was aiming for. That was a 40 microgram dose, and that’s why I always recommend you acclimate yourself to microdosing on days where you do not have commitments. Even if you only have one free day per month, it’s WORTH taking the time to spread your tests between the days you don’t have commitments.

My second experiment, I tried on another day, by cutting that 1/5 piece in half again. I did have commitments, but I kinda had a starting point to gauge how it would affect me, so I figured since 20 mics is what I intended to do the first time, let’s try it.

An underwhelming mild trip, and an annoying state of mind where I couldn’t really achieve what I wanted to achieve effectively. 

20 mics was too much. I went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch, and my Pho looked like it was breathing. The sriracha had an extra kick to it, and it felt like I was “coming up” on acid for 8 straight hours. I was trying to take care of some work, and luckily it was a holiday because I would not have been fully functional during a regular office day.

Don’t be a dumbass like me. Don’t cut up a tab and try to eyeball your dose. What I learned is that it’d be impossible to cut the tab small enough to get the size i need it to. I also almost lost a piece when I cut the tab and a piece went flying. Do VOLUMETRIC. Seriously. Go get you a gallon of 99 cent distilled water from Safeway, and a glass container, and make yourself a 1 to 1 solution of water to LSD

I made a solution of distilled water using a pipette, and was able to make 24 pipettes full of water into a little brown dram I had. I dropped a full hit of acid into the bottle, and let it sit for a day. I then had a solution of lsd water, and one pipette would be equal to roughly 8.3333333 micrograms of LSD.

I found my current sweet spot the hard way.

I find that personally, 8 microcrams is super sub perceptual. Meaning I definitely feel something, and it’s not below the threshold of perception. But it doesn’t put me into the awkward “coming up for 8 hours” state either.

I’m able to get work done very easily and the energy is so abundant. The day after dosing is even better, in my opinion, and the effects of the microdosing definitely shine on the 1st off day. But during the dose day, my mental clarity is on another level. Since I’m in charge of developing ideas to bring in more business, the creative aspects of my brain are firing like CRAZY on small amounts of LSD! I feel like within the last month of microdosing, I’ve come up with more positive improvements than I even thought was humanly possible for me. These consistent small changes have caused us to see a 35% increase in sales this month vs last month. That’s a pretty solid increase!!!

So all in all, I’ve found that 8 micrograms is my sweetspot, and I found it the hard way but I put this guide out so people reading online can learn from my mistakes.

Thanks for reading, and good luck on your adventures.

Of course, I need to make it known that I also use Ascended Mogul by Subliminal Club which focuses on reprogramming my subconscious to be successful. The combination of all these life hacks are pushing me to hit the next level in my life.