Supercharge Your Magickal Cashbook With Pheromones – Stronger Ritual

Looking for a way to supercharge your magickal cashbook and get stronger and faster results? Enter gnosis – the super powerful magickal state – by spraying on a couple sprays of these pheromones a few minutes before you begin your rituals

Supercharge Your Magickal Cashbook

It might seem a bit crazy to think that there are very easy and effective ways to enter gnosis without all the crazy practicing that is normally required. Now, I should note, I’m not referring to true gnosis, but more like a pseudo-gnosis.. The term it is actually called is largely irrelevant. This method works, and works well. I’ll show you how to supercharge your magickal cashbook, so please keep reading.

How do you ensure your call to the genius spirit nitika during your magickal cashbook ritual is heard effectively? Well, being in a highly focused meditative state of mind when performing the ritual will ensure Nitika will hear your call.

I know it may sound weird but here’s how the pheromones in this spray works. It contains a pheromone molecule called Beta-Androstenol, which is known to produce feelings of connection and bonding with other people when wearing it. When nobody else is around, you’re forging a stronger connection with yourself, because the molecule also works on you, the wearer. It also contains another molecule called EpiAllopregnenolone. The combination of these two molecules together make the pheromone spray introspective, and thought expansive. That’s exactly the reason why the spray is called Thinker read more or buy it here.

Supercharge Your Magickal Cashbook
Magickal Cashbook

The on-label uses that Thinker is known for is engaging in thought provoking conversations to encourage deeper idea flows. Obviously this would be perfect for brainstorming sessions, and this is actually why I originally bought the blend. It wasn’t until I was doing my Magickal Cashbook ritual one night, having just sprayed the thinker an hour prior, that I realized this pheromone has a hidden off-label use.

I discovered that when I grabbed my Magickal Cashbook, I sensed a greater connection to the spirit Nitika. Interesting.. I cracked open the first page and looked at my handwriting, and felt a stronger sense of connection to my writing in the book. Whoa… I said the first few words, Nah-Kah-Yah-Way 3 times, and I could feel the power of vibrating the spirits name so strong, it kind of shook me. I felt like I entered a slight trance. I closed the book, looked at Nitika’s sigil again, and knew that the genius spirit of precious stones was in my presence.

Not only was it there, I sensed the spirit listening to my call intently. I performed the ritual as I normally do, but this time I felt like I was hanging on to each word much more heavily than I normally do. I circling the dollar amount in the Magickal Cashbook much slower and more purposefully than normal. When it was time to close the ritual, I thanked Nitika deeply from the bottom of my heart, and gave it license to depart. I closed the book again, and this time I slid my fingers over the black markings on the sigil on the front of the book, and the back of the book.

I’d never felt that sort of power before in my magickal workings!

So I tried to do it again, the next day. It worked!

I did it again the following day, and it worked again, but the effect was much lower than the first two nights. I gave a few days break with the pheromones, and when I tried it again, the magickal state of being was back in full force!

And guess what. The most important thing is that the magickal cashbook actually started bringing in the money I was asking for much faster. Ever since, I’ve been using the pheromone spray called Thinker 3 or 4 times per week, when performing my Cashbook. I’ve also supercharged my cashbook and one of the techniques I use is asking for a super high dollar amount, and continue doing the rituals until the result manifests. With this new technique, I’ve manifested cashbook results much faster and I am super grateful to have accidentally discovered this technique.

I’m grateful to Nitika, the genius spirit of precious stones, for showing me this technique. I know the “accident” was a total manifestation now.

Grab you some of this pheromone product here and use it to supercharge your magickal cashbook