Best Pheromones For Women – Copulins – Desire Me+ Review

The absolute hands down best pheromone for women for you to have in your arsenal. Get Desire Me + ASAP and see how fast men fall under your spell. 

If you’re unfamiliar with pheromones, welcome. If you’re experienced with pheromones, welcome. If you haven’t used Desire Me + before, then this is article is for you. I present to you, The Best Pheromones For Women ever.

Copulins – us women evolved thousands and thousands of years ago to produce this nifty little molecule when we ovulate. It is a chemical signal that we are prime and highly fertile. This triggers an erotic state in males, signaling that you’re the perfect mate.

Fast forward thousands of years to today. Over the centuries, men and women evolved a sort of symphonic dance during ovulation, and copulins have recently been proven to control men’s mind and behavior. How cool is that? Even cooler is today science has been able to synthesize this crazy powerful molecule in the lab, and they are now available for use externally.

“But why, VelvetLips, would anyone want to put artificial pussy juice on themselves?” I’m glad you asked. With a couple sprays of PheromoneXS desire me + , you instantly become queen. Women look at you in awe, wondering who this sexy thing is. Men fall head over heels for you because you’re triggering the caveman’s instinct in him to want to mate. Let that sink in for a minute.

“You mean to tell me that 2 sprays of this pussy juice can have men under my spell?” Yep. That’s right.

I have to be fair and warn you about something though. The spray STINKS! Well, it stinks at first anyway. After about 30 minutes the scent dies down to a bit more manageable, but it can make you self conscious. Definitely get a strong cover scent for this one. But I’ve talked to many women who love this spray, and they all unanimously say “Don’t worry about the smell! Just rock it babe!”

Another thing about Desire Me + is that it’s not just an attractant. It also has a molecule in it called Alpha-Androstenol, which is what puts the PLUS in Desire Me +. Copulins by themselves are great, but I wouldn’t recommend you go and buy straight copulins if it’s your first purchase of pheromones for women. Desire Me+ is perfect because the alpha androstenol gets people chatty and comfortable, and basically does some of the social hardwork FOR you! It makes others make the first move, so if you’re a shy or timid type, this is perfect!

Well that’s enough blabbering on about Desire Me+ , go get yourself a bottle and use 2 sprays per day for 2 weeks, and watch how people fall into your spell!

And most of all, Be The Babe You Really Are!