What Should I Expect When Wearing Pheromones?

I get this question a lot. Here’s a quick guide of what to expect when wearing pheromones for men. Don’t have your pheromones yet? Grab you some Taboo Spray For Men or XiSt Spray For Men

What should you expect from wearing pheromones? Well I’m glad you are asking this question because I  have compiled a short list of what I’ve found to be the most common signs that a pheromone is working. I’ve dubbed this the Hit List.

This is the list for guys to pay attention to, when women exhibit these signs. Always keep in mind that seeing one of these in an isolated case is NOT a HIT! She has to be exhibiting multiple, simultaneously, in what we call a “cluster”. The more indicators she signals, the more aroused she is.

Depending on her level of arousal, her legs will be doing one of many things. She could be crossing her legs, then uncrossing them, frequently. If she sits with her legs in an open manner, it’s definitely a hit. If her leg is shaking over a crossed leg, she’s either anxious, or aroused. Pay attention to her face when she shakes her legs fast. If you’re seeing it’s due to anxiety or nervousness, try using some A-1 in your mix next time to add a bit of comfort.

If she’s biting one side of her lip while talking to you, she’s definitely attracted. MAKE YOUR MOVE or forever leave the game. If she smacks or moves her tongue a lot when not talking, you’ve got her attention.

Hair flipping is very commonly reported as a hit, and should be taken positively. Playing with hair is usually only done by the younger girls, so try not to look for that unless you’re fresh into adulthood. She may sometimes fiddle with her hands or jewelery though. This is sometimes a hit, but is also common as a nervous habit so pay attention to the cluster of hits. Stretching around you is usually a good sign, as it indicates that she’s comfortable and wanting to relax and be more comfortable.

If she sighs, yawns, or breathes deep, she’s probably taking a whiff of your pheromone signature while simultaneously having her breath taken away by your presence. If the pheromones on you are turning her on, you’ll notice she will start to flush a little bit and possibly even mention the temperature got warmer.