Vibe XS Pheromone Spray For Men And Women Is A Party In A Bottle

The party don’t start til you walk in… Because you’re wearing Vibe XS Pheromone Spray For Men And Women

Every time I’ve worn Vibe XS I experienced an interesting phenomenon. The inner jokester in me came out with no shame at all, and all my dad jokes were told for the world to enjoy –or scoff, cuz some of y’all are haters and hate on dad jokes — but I grew up on laffy taffy jokes, and the kids who wrote them became dads, hence dad jokes. I’ll show myself to the door…..

Okay but for real, I think this spray is everything MX297 wanted to be, but fell short of. That pheromone by the defunct and continuing to suffer androtics direct was touted to be a “life of the party” pheromone. I had a bottle but aside from its amazing smell, it didn’t do shit for me. Most expensive bottle of cologne I’ve ever purchased in my life. But just a few days into using Vibe XS , I realized what it was that I wanted from a pheromone like this.

To be completely fair, I’ll have to mention that I’ve had the 30 ml of Vibe XS for over a few months now. I bought it because I’m a collector and want to have all of XS flagship products, and this is one I didn’t have yet, nor had I tried. With that being the case, I bought it without really researching what it was for, or what was in it. I just knew I didn’t have it and needed it.

I used it a few times within the first few weeks of having it. I either used it solo, or combined it with Love Boat, which I also love very much. I wore it to work a few times during my initial testing phase, and what I noticed about it immediately was that it removed my inhibitions for being silly. This is notable mainly because I typically keep my silliness at a low when I’m at work. I oversee a company with 20 employees, and while EVERYONE knows and loves my craziness, I try to keep my composure in the professional environment. But 2 sprays of Vibe XS and then going to work was game over to that professional facade. But here’s the thing! IT WASN’T A BAD THING! I was totally congruent with the blend and people loved it. I calmed down any potentially stressful atmosphere with the power of Vibe XS.

Although it wasn’t bad at work, I don’t think it was the best place to use it, but that won’t stop me from using it again before work tomorrow. I’m having a great time playing with this pheromone.

A girl friend of mine was pissed off and angry that her roommate’s dog broke something of hers. She called me up earlier today and wanted to go out, so I thought what a perfect opportunity to test out VIBE! I also decided it would be a great opportunity for her to test out bliss oil pheromones (see this great video review on bliss by the way). She knows what pheromones are, and I have let her use Vibe XS before. I briefly told her what bliss was, but didn’t tell her too much. She threw on 3 drops of the stuff, and within about 2 minutes, the car ride to the restaurant was a crazy party between the two of us. I’m talkin we were dancing in the car with the volume on full blast, joking like we’ve never joked before. It was almost surreal. We both looked at each other and knew the pheromones were working on each other, and it was great.

Anyhow, this pheromone is great and can be used by both men and women, which is great. Like I said earlier, I let my girl friend wear it a while ago and she was definitely more peppy while wearing it.

Final verdict? Vibe XS gets a solid win in my book (or website, whatever). Grab you a bottle today!