Pheromones to Make People Like You More – Tease XS For Women Review

Become the life of the party, ladies!  This pheromone will make you shine like the babe you are, and make people like you more! Tease XS by PheromoneXS

Tease is hands down AMAZING! I love it and you will too. Here’s the thing about Tease XS that I’ll review. It makes you SHINE like glitters and sparkles and it’ll make you glow instantly! Spray it on and go do your thing out in the world, and you’ll notice a world of a difference. People will look at you in wonder and awe, and will just want to be around you. The aura you’re radiating while on this juice turns you into that girl you know who lights up the room when she walks in (you know who I’m talking about!). All you need is 1 or 2 sprays, and you’ll be shining like a celebrity.

And that’s just the visual part.

What about how the boys will react? That’s the juicy stuff and that’s why I know you’re reading. The first bit above is just a taste of what it does.

So this stuff makes the boys imagination go crazy! As if you were wearing a dress that was a bit revealing, but not too revealing, and your makeup and hair was done perfectly. Tease XS definitely works best if you really WERE dolled up, but even if you’re not. Think about it, you’re walking towards your crush and you let him take a few whiffs of your pheromone cloud, slow down right in front of him, then once you get past him, walk normal pace again, and by that time the pheromones have hit him right in his brain! You’ve got his attention girl!

I heard a story once where this girl in her 30’s stopped at a cafe after work and a pro football player was there. He asked for her number! This same girl said that wearing it to work made a Monday feel like a Friday because it turned everybody happy and uninhibited, but it didn’t stop anyone’s productivity. This is some good stuff! The girl wearing Tease XS is a girl who people see as a girl with status. She’s sexy as hell, but the sexy isn’t so overpowering, and you can definitely wear it during the day time. Oh, and it’ll also make people see you as the queen bee that’s sensual.

You need to get this stuff. 🙂

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Happy Hunting Ladies <3