Healing Your Body With Your Mind – Maximum Healing Speed

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We’re all familiar with the powerful placebo effect. It has sort of a negative connotation attached to it but at its core, it is simply a demonstration of the vast capability of the conscious and subconscious mind to effect physical change in us. This article describes how to take advantage of the subconscious and healing your body with your mind.

Placebo – It’s such a fundamental aspect of science, that it is used as a basis for “control” in scientific trials of new pharmaceutical drugs. Modern science understands that believing something in even the slightest way can alter the actual and real effect of an experiment. With that being the case, it leaves us to wonder just how we can take advantage of the placebo effect to effect lasting changes in us.

Subliminal mind programming is not a new concept at all. The media has been doing it for decades via TV, Radio, News, and advertisements. So how exactly can you put the placebo effect to work in healing your body with your mind? There is a subliminal program called Maximum Healing Speed 5.5G created by Shannon Matteson of Indigo Mind Labs. The advanced scripting methods he uses, coupled with the latest subliminal audio technologies, has resulted in MHS 5.5G.

This program is quite different from its predecessor MHS 5G regarding the technologies in place, but the overall goal hasn’t changed, obviously, as it’s an upgrade to the older version. Shannon L Matteson has incorporated the 6G backported technology called energy flooding into MHS 5.5G to flood the body with a large amount of usable energy, which the subconscious mind then channels into healing the physical body at the optimal rate. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of energy flooding, I recommend you look into it to get a greater understanding of how all current and future 5.5G subliminal audio programs utilize this profound technology.

New additions for the 5.5G upgrade to MHS

One of the new additions is a goal to prevent scarring during healing. We all know that healing a deep wound leaves scars. This ambitious goal acknowledges this fact, and utilizes subconscious power to heal the body without leaving behind scars. This goal segways into the next goal, which aims to replace the body’s scar tissue with fresh, functional, healthy tissue of the original type. This goal, powered by the energy flooding technology and the power of the subconscious mind, will drive the body to heal itself to be as good as new, despite your age.

Another goal is to prevent itching during healing. This may seem like a silly goal, but it is extremely useful to prevent sabotaging your healing efforts by scratching the areas that are healing.

The program also aims to activate and use all of the natural healing and regenerative abilities of the body. This one is a killer addition, because despite what we think we may know about our bodies, our subconscious knows much more, and will use all the tools the body has in its toolbox to heal itself. This means that the program will bypass any hypochondriac mentalities the user may consciously and subconsciously possess which would sabotage the goals of the program. This is great news for those who unknowingly limit the healing power of their bodies by their thinking and belief patterns (Food for thought: Are not these people actually using the placebo effect in reverse?). But it’s not enough to just bypass the conscious and subconscious limitations on healing! This goal ties into the next goal to change beliefs that interfere with the program achieving its goals, into beliefs that cause it to achieve its goals faster and better. So now, not only is the body healing itself with its built in power, it is also instructing your subconscious to change its beliefs of healing in the first place to make the healing process more effective. Think about it, if your subconscious truly doesn’t believe that it can heal, the goals of the program will take a lot longer than if the subconscious is in alignment with the goals of the program. Right? Right. I wish to emphasize and re-emphasize the fact that this particular subliminal will be an absolute gem for people with hypochondriac tendencies. Someone in my immediate household is always getting sick for some reason or another, and you best believe it’s because of subconscious beliefs & hypochondriac tendencies, otherwise the rest of the house would get sick every time she did! However, for her, I have her on Maximum Immune System Response every time she gets sick, which is a minimum of twice a month. THAT’S 24 TIMES IN ONE YEAR THAT SHE GETS SICK. But with MIR, her sickness has gone from being 6-7 days to 24-48 hours long. Anyway, I’ve entered into a tangent about a different program, so let’s get back on track. Luckily the next goal is directly related to the immune system.

Take advantage of the full capabilities of your body using the power of your subconscious mind.

This goal is to optimize the immune system for maximum healing speed as necessary, according to the current conditions. While MHS is no MIR, and in no way should it be considered to be a replacement or superior to Maximum Immune Response, this immune system response module ties in beautifully with the overarching goal of the program to promote maximum healing speed. When the immune system is working alongside physical regeneration, you end up with a synergistic healing effect. The intention is to optimize the conditions for the healing speed to take place MAXIMALLY.

The final disclosed goal (yes there are undisclosed goals as well, due to trade secret, and one goal is a surprise for the users of the program to discover themselves!) is to rebuild and regenerate any and all damaged or missing parts, such that the result is whole, healthy and fully functional. When I first discovered this goal was in MHS 5.5G, I thought it was a bit ambitious, but knowing what I know of the subconscious mind and its capabilities, I’m fully in acceptance of this goal being realistic. This goal wasn’t implemented to regrow your arms, if you don’t have arms, obviously. However, this goal is immensely valuable for those who have destroyed their bodies due to lifestyle, such as alcoholism or drug addiction. I have a soft spot for these people, as I fall under this category myself. The liver can only take so much torture before it starts working at subpar capacity, making the body more susceptible to being toxified by toxins that the liver would normally filter out. This regeneration goal of MHS 5.5G will seek to repair and restore the liver in such individuals to its condition of pre-tortured times. This goal would also be absolute gold to other individuals who have had to endure damage due to things outside of their control, such as those living in polluted cities. Imagine if your lungs healed to healthy and normal levels despite living in a smoggy city!

If you’ve got any sort of ailment or any other physical anomaly that is holding you back from being at 100%, I highly recommend you purchase the program and use it according to the instructions. If you are on the fence about buying the program, revisiting these goals for MHS 5.5G and the program in general, you may have a change of heart. When it works and starts manifesting itself, you’re talking about Ambitious? Yes. But Impossible? Far from it. We’re on the bleeding edge of personal mind control, after all. Using the placebo effect to our advantage can change our reality from every little thought to every cell of our being.

“As Above, So Below” – The principle of correspondence. Changes made in the mental plane are manifested in the emotional and physical planes as well.

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