Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 5.5G DMSI Subliminal

dmsi develop maximum sexual irresistibility subliminal audio programming

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How is it possible to develop an aura of extreme sexual irresistibility just by listening to an audio file for a few hours a day?

A new paradigm has begun in the age of Sex, Love and Science.

The latest development in 5.5G technology has led to the production of a novel subliminal audio program called Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility (DMSI). This program has the design goal of getting the user to become sexually irresistible to the gender the user is sexually attracted to, making this program gender neutral, and sexual orientation neutral; anyone can use it to attract who they prefer.

You may be wondering how it is possible to get laid by listening to an audio track a couple hours a day. Well pay attention, because we are on the bleeding edge of technology here. This attraction subliminal is designed to manipulate your aura to cause others to perceive you as sexually irresistible. I won’t go into the details of how the aura works here, as it is irrelevant whether you believe in it or not.

The DMSI subliminal also features clearing modules, which prevents self sabotage that would otherwise stop you from achieving the end goal. What the self sabotage exactly is is determined entirely by your subconscious; if it is an obstacle to achieve the goal of the program, DMSI’s clearing module will clear it.

Examples of things people have reported having cleared:

  • Resentments towards women
  • Procrastination
  • Relationship trauma
  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • etc.

As of version 3.0.1, a lot of people are actually reporting they are becoming far more productive as a result of running DMSI. This is probably due to the program causing the users to have drive, passion, and motivation to take what they want from their life- a trait women find irresistible.

dmsi develop maximum sexual irresistibility subliminal audio programming

DMSI is also capable of manifesting the people you find sexually attractive into your life. Some users have seen their matches in online dating increase exponentially just a couple weeks after beginning the program. There have also been instances where people found themselves at the right place at the right time to meet a woman that meet all the criteria of being sexually attractive. Seems like a pretty intense program already, huh? Wait. It gets better.

The program uses Energy Flooding technology to fuel the manifestation of these women into your life. Those of you who understand how manifestation works, know that it is an energy intensive process. So this program has built in energy generation and energy sourcing, which provides the program with the energy needed to manifest the result into your life at incredible speeds. Not only is the energy flooding used to manifest women, it is also used to power the aura itself. See the article on energy flooding for more information in this regard.

It still gets better.

Autopilot. This program has modules in it that literally guide you to take just the right actions in just the right way, as if by autopilot. This aspect of DMSI makes it so that you smoothly and effectively do the right things to get laid. Sounds crazy right? It still gets better. The program also includes auto training, which helps you learn what you need to learn to get laid. If you know nothing of escalation, the program reveals to you what you need to learn about escalation through day dreams, night dreams, and other methods which can only be described as “accessing the collective unconscious”.

And the best part? It’s not even a finished product at the time of this writing. It’s continuing to get better and better as we push further into the realms of possibility. And all credit is due to Shannon Matteson, who’s tireless effort at making the dreams of many men come to fruition.

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