Does the DMSI Subliminal by Subliminal Shop Work?

update: I am currently beta testing a brand new subliminal by Subliminal Club that is purported to do what DMSI wished it could. I can’t reveal any details yet. More to come soon.

I used to be a huge fan of Subliminal Shop and Indigo Mind Labs. Their products were solid and on point. Alpha Male 6 was a great program for me, and Sex Magnet 3 gave me the ride of a lifetime! When DMSI entered the playing field, I was convinced we were at the forefront of reality manipulation; that a reality where women seduce men was the future. So I hopped onto the DMSI train. And while I had some results from version 3.0.1, the research and development took an awkward turn. For the worse.

It seemed the creator decided to add some very interesting and weird modules to the subliminal, while disregarding suggestions that would make the DMSI subliminal work better. For starters, it seemed that the core goal of DMSI became attempting to “prove DMSI could work on the hardest of resisters”. This caused a few problems. Namely, he decided to use the outliers of the DMSI program (or “stonewallers” as he calls them) as the basis of his advancement. Each version got progressively more and more geared towards the resisters, while disregarding the people who were fully executing the script. The second problem, which I believe to be a HUGE PROBLEM with far reaching consequences we still feel today, is the “LOL U R RESISTING” mentality the creator has taken to anyone who is not executing DMSI.
dmsi subliminal resisters
At its current state of version 3.2, and from what it seems like on his forum, anyone who is not executing the sub “is resisting” and that the person using the subliminal should take personal responsibility for not executing the sub. Basically, the business owner is saying that it is the customers fault that the product doesn’t work.

Hold up. WHAT?!


I don’t know of any other business that operates like that. And it’s not like the customers haven’t spoken up and asked for improvements or asked what should they do to execute better either.


So while the focus has shifted entirely to getting the outliers of DMSI users to execute, the subliminal has become bloated and stuffed with script  that is irrelevant for people who were executing just fine on previous versions. Myself included. 3.2 was a waste for me. 3.1 was an energy drain and was much better than 3.2. The best version for me was 3.0.1, with the euphoria scripting and energy sourcing which gave very obvious signals that it was working.


The DMSI subliminal would work so much better if it was geared towards men, although the creator will tell you otherwise. How come Sex Magnet 3 worked so well? It put me in the hunter mode, with 7 auras, and stepped my game up by multiple points. SM3 is specific to males. But DMSI is “gender neutral”, meaning women and men can both use it and receive results. But here’s the thing. WOMEN DO NOT NEED DMSI! I’ve exposed my chick to dmsi and she immediately manifested a new sexual partner. Within 3 days! Why? Because it’s so much easier for women to get the opposite sex to seduce them. Meanwhile all these guys on the subliminal shop forum are struggling to see results because they’re expecting to get seduced by the opposite sex. NEWS FLASH. While that shit does happen from time to time, it is not the rule. And the male DMSI users are floating on a pink cloud of delusion that it’s going to happen to them on a regular basis with the assistance of a subliminal audio program they can hit play once every day.


Maybe one day DMSI will be a completed piece of work. I have faith in the creator’s ability to make subliminals as his previous work is something that is worth its weight in gold. But the man has made some questionable business decisions as far DMSI goes that makes me wonder. People have been asking for a Ultra Success subliminal for years now.


But some of the weirdest subliminals get released instead. Like Maximum Immune Response. While the concept is great, in theory, it’s horrible in application. You’re supposed to listen to MIR 24/7 without taking a break for even a second. Otherwise, the infection may come back even stronger. So MIR would be best used in hospital settings, with dedicated audio players that never crash. Or what about that sublminal he released as a nasal decongestant? Come on man, we get it that you’re strapped for cash but why didn’t you release the Ultra Success subliminal a long time ago like your customers were asking?
Anyway, until the DMSI subliminal is a finished product, I wouldn’t use it. I’d prefer a run of AM6 then SM3 instead. While it is financially much costlier to do AM6 & SM3, it actually worked. Time is money and I wasted a couple years on DMSI. Luckily I found Subliminal Club right around the time I started getting sick of DMSI. I am currently testing a new subliminal that’s purported to be everything you ever wanted in DMSI but never got. I can’t release any details but….. This means a WORKING attraction sub is coming soon.