Methods For Overcoming Subliminal Subconscious Resistance

Resistance to Subliminal Programming

If you’re a user of subliminal audio programming, you’ve probably experienced the common phenomenon of subconscious resistance.

So you’ve encountered resistance while listening to subliminals. What should you do about it?

First of all, what you can do is try to change the volume you listen to the subliminal. Some personalities have a subconscious aversion to “being told what to do”, and for these people lower volumes are far superior. Yet others subconscious get “motivated by being yelled at”, and these people function best with higher volumes of subliminal audio programming.

Definitely follow the volume calibration guide to make sure you don’t give yourself hearing damage by listening to the ultrasonic too loud. My ideal volume is -55dB at the point where my head is in relation to the speakers. Use the app called Frequensee to check the volume of the ultrasonic, if necessary.

Resistance to Subliminal Programming

You could also try switching audio styles. For instance, if you listen to Ultrasonic subliminals and are experiencing resistance, try switching to the masked tracks, and vice versa. The masked tracks and the ultrasonic tracks hit different parts of the subconscious, and therefore one may trigger more resistance in an individual than the other.

All of the above information is erroneous as of the release of DMSI, since the program and everything released afterwards automatically guides you to your optimum volume.

Other than that, if you are resisting, you’re best to simply ask yourself why you are resisting the instructions. You may get some insight into this, you may not. Either way, do not give up listening to the subliminal during a phase of resistance, as that is exactly what the subconscious will get you to do in order to avoid accepting and executing the instructions as if the instructions are its own.

If you have suicidal thoughts emerging while using your subliminal, the smartest thing to do is TURN IT OFF! Nothing is worth risking your life. I personally had suicidal thinking while on stage 1 of BASE 2.1, but I powered through it. What happened was I was so resistant to the concept of being a successful entrepreneur that my mind had given up hope altogether and was ready to end it all. This is a rare phenomenon for anybody to resist programming so much as to cause suicidal ideation, but it is possible, and has happened so be aware and be prepared for it!

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