Programming The Subconscious Mind While Sleeping

reprogram the subconscious mind while sleeping

Programming the subconscious mind while sleeping is now more efficient than ever before, with the subliminals by Subliminal Club

It may seem like a myth that it’s possible to program the subconscious mind while sleeping, but let me assure you it’s far from myth. The subconscious mind is quite the capable beast, as science is consistently discovering more and more on how exactly the subconscious works. It is still not completely understood by any means, and mainstream science is the least informed of how the subconscious works. Mark Malkuth and Saint Sovereign of Subliminal Club has decades of scientific research on the subconscious mind and has discovered techniques to embed scripts into a subliminal format to allow the common person like you and me to reprogram the subconscious mind.

Believe me, I was pretty skeptical when I first heard about a concept that I could play an audio track while I sleep, every night for 32 days, and then start seeing powerful, obvious results in the real world. But then I thought a little bit about how we’re programmed all the time during our waking life with advertisements, and figured that if the advertisers are doing this to influence us to buy their products, then there must be some power behind subliminal programs which will reprogram our mind. So I took the plunge and ran Ascended Mogul, and I am extremely happy to say that it’s worth every penny and more of the price tag.

reprogram the subconscious mind while sleeping

If you are an extreme skeptic, there are a few free subliminal audio programs you can use offered by Shannon Matteson of Indigo Mind Labs. Use the free 5G program for 32 days to actually see results. I personally recommend you use the free subliminal called Absolute Self Confidence every night for 32 days to program the subconscious mind while sleeping. People with more cooperative subconscious minds will start to see results within 3-4 days, while the more resistant subconscious minds will display a degree of results within 1-2 weeks.

If you need no “proof that subliminal messages work”, then I recommend you go ahead and purchase one of the heavy hitter subliminals. My personal favorite subliminal audio program is Ascended Mogul. This subliminal audio program is a top dog, and doesn’t get anywhere near as much credit as it is due. I played it every night for 90 days, and by the second month, I had completely and permanently overcome so many of my life’s problems that I literally started to shine. People started telling me that I was a bright ray of sunshine in their lives. Women began to tell me they loved me, and people in general just wanted to be around me. Human beings are incredibly perceptive creatures, and while our conscious mind may not be able to comprehend certain things, our subconscious can definitely pick up on the baggage people are dragging through their lives. In my case, the baggage was removed, and my external world reflected that fact.

Now, I’m willing to make a solid bet that 70% of my readers will say they don’t believe they need any healing, and while I disagree with that HEAVILY, it is not my job to convince you anything in that regard. So for those of you who want to program the subconscious mind while sleeping to become successful, I recommend using a subliminal audio program called Ascended Mogul

Or if you are ready to have your reality shattered in every single way imaginable, get on that new subliminal audio program called DMSI. Its name is Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility, but let me ENSURE you that it does far more than just make you become sexually irresistible to women. This website was born out out of the intense success programming embedded within the DMSI program. 2 of my close friends who are part of “The Circle” I ran DMSI alongside also experienced massive productivity spikes, and the three of us worked nonstop through the christmas holiday season, to set us up for massive future success. This heavy hitter subliminal program provides results that bleed into all areas of your life including social, family, work, and even marriage – one married guy reported that his relationship with his wife got much better while using DMSI.

So there’s only one way to make use of programming the subconscious mind while sleeping. Might as well get started now, as time waits for nobody.

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