Subconscious Resistance to Subliminal Programming

Resistance to Subliminal Programming

When the subconscious is presented with information that challenges its beliefs to the core, the subconscious puts up resistance to the incoming information, which can manifest in various forms.

The subconscious is a tricky beast. Understanding the subconscious and how the subconscious work can help us to overcome some of the challenges we are confronted with when it comes to subliminal programs. The resistance also tends to look different depending on which generation of subliminals you use.

In the 4th generation of subliminals by Indigo Mind Labs, the subconscious tended to resist to programming by manifesting rage and frustration in the user. If you read a lot of the journals of Alpha Male 5.0, you will see that people were angry and frustrated a lot of the time. This is a classic sign of resisting the programming. The subconscious essentially realizes that it’s being told something that it doesn’t want to cooperate with, but also realizes that it’s going to have to cooperate eventually, so it throws a mini temper tantrum in the form of rage resistance.

The rage based resistance isn’t limited to 4th generation subliminals, however. We see reports daily where people running DMSI and other subliminal audio programs experience rage based resistance. So even as the subliminal audio scripting technology gets more advanced, the subconscious still finds way to resist the programming.

More often than not, the rage based resistance is followed by depressive resistance in a lot of people. What this signifies is that the subconscious is no longer putting up a fight against the resistance, but it is still not happy in complying with the script, so it manifests as depression.

So now that you understand what these forms of resistance are, you are better equipped to deal with it when it shows up. Some personality types are more resistant than others, as is often seen. Some people are so resistant to the scripts that they experience something called stonewalling.

The phenomenon of stonewalling a subliminal occurs in the rare individual who is subconsciously extremely stubborn and resistant to the subliminal programming. When this happens, the mind will not even expend energy in resisting the subliminal, so neither rage nor depression will manifest. The subconscious essentially puts up a stone wall that is so strong that the script won’t be able to enter the subconscious. Again, this type is extremely rare, but these types of people do exist.

If you are experiencing resistance in subliminals that were released pre-DMSI, you might do well to try a few solutions to overcoming resistance.

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