Do YouTube Subliminal Audio Messages Really Work?

I hear this question ALL the time. Do YouTube subliminal audio messages really work?

There’s a short and long answer to this question. And it’s not as simple as it may seem. The short answer is yes YouTube subliminals really do work. The complicated answer is No they don’t.


Here’s the how and the why of it.


So you listen to these YouTube subliminals and you are quite religious about listening to the audio. Great! Depending on the grammatical syntax of the scripting, the audio compression technology, vocoding technique, and a whole host of other variables, you will achieve varying types of results. The fact is, subliminal audio messaging is very effective, irrespective of the quality level of subliminals you use.



What level of results are you looking to achieve?

Most youtube subliminals are scripted simplistically with the most basic of volume management. Phrases like “I am wealthy” or “I attract women easily and readily”. While these phrases are great mantras to repeat to yourself every day, and even better when subliminalized, you will NOT get permanent or life changing results from them.


When it comes to the amount of time you invest every night by pressing the ‘play’ button, you should use discernment in what you put in your mind. I don’t know about you, but if I have the choice between using a free youtube subliminal every day made by some Joe with a computer or using a professionally crafted, money back guaranteed subliminal…. It’s a no brainer. Especially subliminals made by Subliminal Club, who’s price point is SUPER affordable and come backed with a money back guarantee. I had the pleasure of communicating directly with the men behind Subliminal Club, and they revealed to me that the scripting methods they employ are light years beyond simplistic 8 word sentences. Not only that, one of them has a background in audio production and has gotten the subliminal building method to a science.


I highly recommend you checking them out. Use the coupon code “SubClub” for 30% off, at the time of this writing. Worst case scenario, you can return the sub and get your money back. But I’ve used their subliminals and I’ll stand by them.