Subliminal To Become an Alpha Male

The ULTIMATE man’s subliminal program set is now available. A multi stage program, equipped with all the bells and whistles of every single technological enhancement to date. Do NOT miss this opportunity. Get KHAN and become the mogul emperor you’ve always wanted to be. 

You have no idea how freaking amazing it is that Subliminal Club finally has a multi stage program. First, let me get into some backstory about multi stage subliminals, and how that whole thing works.

You’re probably familiar with IML and their multi stage programs. They’re all pretty solid, except for BASE 5G. I’ve used AM6 twice and SM3 twice. They have a HEAVY price tag, but honestly I found it’s worth it. The multi stagers are conglomerations of all the latest technology, interwoven meticulously with various other programs that work in tandem with each other to achieve the desired goal. AM6 and SM3 are freaking phenomenal works. So you can only imagine how exciting of a time it is that Subliminal Club finally released a multi stage subliminal of their own!

Honestly you better be prepared for a bit of disruption in your life if you’re REALLY up for the challenge of becoming the ultimate KofaK – King of all KINGS. Here’s the inside scoop I got from the producers:

The healing in stage one is a conglomeration of all the healing programs to date. To all the wisecracks thinking to themselves “who needs healing?”.. I ain’t gonna sit here and try to argue with you because it’s pointless, but I will say this one thing and move on. Building a skyscraper on 100% perfect foundation is always going to be superior to anything below it. Even if you think your foundation is at 95%, healing will make it 100% and any self mastered man needs to be at 100% to truly become the KofaK he’s destined to be.



The second through 4th stage are all about becoming the man. There’s so much success programming in there, it’s almost retarded. You have to check out some of the journals on their forum. Go over to and then click on the “community ” tab. There are people absolutely killing it on Khan. I always thought EMPEROR was going to be the king of all kings, but it’s clear that there is a new emperor in town. His name is Khan and he is here to stay. Go grab a copy, friends. And join their forum to leave your own feedback and follow other people’s journeys.